Quality System Pre-Assessments

What is a “Pre-Assessment”?


A pre-assessment is an audit with a specific objective related to the verification of an implemented system. It’s a trial run in order to see if the organization is “ready” for a 3rd party registration audit. The pre-assessment is unique in that there are no formal corrective actions as an outcome but a better understanding of what the 3rd party auditors are looking for. The end result is that you have a higher level of confidence in your current system or you see where any weaknesses are so you can focus on patching things up before the “real” audit.


AXEON auditors conduct a quality system pre-assessment of your company against the requirements of the standard.


AXEON’s Pre-Assessments includes:

  • A formal open meeting
  • A full evaluation of the quality system
  • Identification of the working and non-working systems
  • A formal closing meeting
  • A comprehensive well written report


This report will allow you to fix/improve the system and to go into your assessment with confidence!


AXEON uses fully qualified RABQSA certified auditors to conduct your pre-assessment. They maintain the same certifications as your registrar auditors, as a matter of fact; they work for internationally recognized registrar companies and/or registered companies themselves so you have 100% confidence in their results!