Internal Audits

Quality Management System Internal Audits

AXEON‘s Internal Audits begin with your objectives in mind. Before any internal audit begins it must have an objective. What you want out of the audit. If the audit does not have a specific objective, auditors can go through the audit process motions with little added value. AXEON‘s internal audits begin with a candid discussion of your needs and expectations. The intent is not to bias the audit but to help our competent auditor practitioners grasp the true scope of an audit and work to achieve the audit objectives.


We all know that we find what we look for, so having a clearly defined scope and objectives will enable the audit process and give you what you desire  an audit that is focusing on providing meaningful information to leaders about the system or processes under review. By providing this meaningful information, leaders can then make better decisions about the allocation of resources which in turn will produce a more effective and efficient operation.


AXEON Internal Audits provide:

  • A formal open meeting.
  • A full evaluation of the quality system, process or other work activity.
  • Identification of the real or potential problems.
  • A formal closing meeting.
  • A written report that specifically describes not only the positive areas of compliance or improvement but also the real or potential problems identified.


AXEON uses fully qualified Exemplar Global (RABQSA) certified auditors to conduct your internal audits. AXEON auditors maintain the same certifications as your registrar auditors, as a matter of fact; they work for internationally recognized registrar companies and/or registered companies themselves so you have 100% confidence in their results!


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